About Us

Where We Began

Development began on ChurchWorks over 12 years ago for a London-based church of about 200 people. They have continually added to their numbers over the years, and this church now serves over 14,000 people every Sunday with ChurchWorks having grown to meet the needs of their scale and growth. To date, ChurchWorks has helped well over 100,000 people grow within their church.

Our Mission

ChurchWorks is built on a passion to care for people and the churches that they belong to.

We believe that this business and software is a tool to help build the kingdom of God.

We aim to lead with transparency and integrity. We believe in sharing the love of God through our business.

Our desire is to give local churches all the administrative tools they need to carry out both basic and complex processes. We believe this will enable leaders to have more time for the people they care for, and in turn, see their church thrive.

We aim to equip each church with what is required to set up, launch and grow the way God intended.

Our mission is to impact the world, and we believe that ChurchWorks is the vehicle God has given us to do that.

The ChurchWorks Team

Our team always has the ‘bigger picture’ in mind and is able to add features on request and strives to build a useful, time-saving tool for churches all around the world. Our brilliant team of developers and designers are constantly bringing fresh ideas for interaction and ease of use.


Real-World Productivity

So whether your church is a small growing congregation or a church expanding to thousands with multiple congregations, ChurchWorks can help you and your people grow in real-world, day-to-day productivity.