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Charities We Admire At ChurchWorks

Here at ChurchWorks, the importance of charity is built right into our platform. So here are some charities we think deserve attention and support! ..

(View article | 02 July 2015)

Excellent Support With ChurchWorks

Discover how ChurchWorks can bring excellent support to your enquiries and management needs with our efficient Sales and Support Teams. ..

(View article | 10 June 2015)

Why ChurchWorks Works For You

Find out about the benefits of using ChurchWorks as a platform to build and strengthen your team...

(View article | 27 May 2015)

Three Reasons Small Group Leaders Will Love ChurchWorks

Discover the benefits of ChurchWorks as a Small Group leader. ..

(View article | 21 May 2015)

The Benefits of Social Media for Churches

Here we cover the benefits of social media for both your church and your team. ..

(View article | 12 May 2015)

Manageable small group management

Discover the ChurchWorks reporting module today and see how effortlessly small group management can be...

(View article | 05 May 2015)

The ChurchWorks Way

Discover easy, seamless people management; discover ChurchWorks today. ..

(View article | 28 April 2015)

Changing The World, One Meal At A Time

My Pop-Up Kitchen is a kitchen with a cause. Meet Katy and discover how MPUK is making a difference, bringing change to those in need on the other side of the world...

(View article | 16 April 2015)

Coffee, Cake and Creating Change. Pt 2.

Read the second part of our interview with Matt Fleming, manager of the coffee shop Allsaints, which is making a difference with the young people in the local community...

(View article | 09 April 2015)

Coffee, Cake and Creating Change. Pt 1.

Allsaints is a coffee shop with a difference, working hard to give disadvantaged youth in Leatherhead more opportunities and better job prospects for the future...

(View article | 06 April 2015)

Blogs To Build Your Life

Discover five of our recommended blog sites - designed to help you lead in life and inspire others in their daily walk with God...

(View article | 31 March 2015)

A Youth Project Full Of Opportunities

ChurchWorks puts a spotlight on LYP, a charity working to provide the disadvantaged youth of Leatherhead with the opportunities and means to get apprenticeships and jobs...

(View article | 17 March 2015)

The Heart Of A Youth Leader

Discover these simple steps on what it takes to be an effective youth leader and help young people win in life .....

(View article | 10 March 2015)

Five Books For Leadership

From CS Lewis to John C Maxwell, discover our top five book recommendations on church leadership...

(View article | 05 March 2015)

Community Care: How To

See our walk-through of how to use our community care module, so you can experience all it has to offer. Community care helps you to follow up with new visitors to your church, offer support for bereaved members of your congregation, and stay in touch with those who are attending less regularly...

(View article | 26 February 2015)

Churches Are The Answer For Tearfund

ChurchWorks interviewed Tearfund's Jané Mackenzie on how the UK charity is working through churches to end poverty...

(View article | 24 February 2015)

Partnering With Compassion

A spotlight on Compassion UK, a charity that works through churches in developing countries to aid the health, education, and opportunities of children...

(View article | 19 February 2015)

Welcome And Grow With ChurchWorks

Sustain your growth and outreach with improved welcoming and follow up of new visitors to your church or charity, with ChurchWorks...

(View article | 17 February 2015)

Pricing For People

Our pricing is scalable to your size, so you'll always have access to all of our features, and they'll always be affordable and fairly priced...

(View article | 12 February 2015)

Online And In Touch With Our Database

Our hosted centralised database means you can access all your information in one place, whilst leaving the updates and maintenance to us...

(View article | 10 February 2015)

Tips For Your Digital Outreach

Improve your community's connections and communication by having a social media presence...

(View article | 05 February 2015)

Getting Started With Gift Aid

A run-through of the first steps of getting started with Gift Aid for those brand new to the initiative...

(View article | 03 February 2015)

Seamless Teamwork

How can ChurchWorks aid your teamwork to save you valuable time?..

(View article | 29 January 2015)

Get Active With ChurchWorks

Tips for some of the ways to implement activities into your church or youth group...

(View article | 27 January 2015)

Creative Community-Based Fundraising

Get creative with your fundraising with a few events involving your community of people...

(View article | 22 January 2015)

Ready To Reach The People You Need

Find the people who are interested in your activities, and get the help you need to finish task, with ChurchWorks people search...

(View article | 19 January 2015)

Ready Made Donations

Have your donors help your finance team save time and money with donation envelopes...

(View article | 16 January 2015)

ChurchWorks To Saves You Time

Three ways ChurchWorks can save you time with your administration...

(View article | 14 January 2015)

Group Tickets Tailored For You

You can buy event tickets for you can your guests easily with ChurchWorks vouchers...

(View article | 12 January 2015)

Funding At Its Full Potential

ChurchWorks finance module enables resources to be effectively managed and saved on...

(View article | 11 January 2015)

Check In With ChurchWorks Communication

Tips on how best to use ChurchWorks communication tools such as notes, updates, and user information...

(View article | 09 January 2015)

Stronger Together

You can search for people using their interests and skills and your database...

(View article | 07 January 2015)

Encouraging First Time Visitors

How to plan for following up with visitors to your church...

(View article | 05 January 2015)

Five Reasons ChurchWorks Works

Discover the benefits of being strategic in managing your administration with ChurchWorks...

(View article | 02 January 2015)

Enabling Small Group Leaders

ChurchWorks reporting helps Small Group leaders run their groups...

(View article | 31 December 2014)

Finance Power Tools

A closer look at how our finances module works...

(View article | 29 December 2014)

Always Growing, Never Slowing

Our servers are designed to never slow down, no matter how many users you add...

(View article | 26 December 2014)

Merry Christmas From ChurchWorks!

A quick thank you message and a Merry Christmas!..

(View article | 24 December 2014)

Gift Aid: Five Ways Charities Can Make The Most Of It

An article on top tips for saving Gift Aid...

(View article | 22 December 2014)

Outreach To Everybody

With ChurchWorks community care, no-one in need is missed...

(View article | 19 December 2014)

Securing People The ChurchWorks Way

More about our server security and backups...

(View article | 17 December 2014)

Customer Services: The ChurchWorks Way

An introduction to how our support team handles your enquiries...

(View article | 15 December 2014)

Every Event Big And Small

Trying to plan an event? We've got some features to help you manage it effectively...

(View article | 12 December 2014)

Grow With Gift Aid

Get to know Gift Aid and let ChurchWorks aid you in receiving it...

(View article | 10 December 2014)

How Can ChurchWorks Work For You?

Let ChurchWorks help you and your teams grow with seamless people management...

(View article | 08 December 2014)

Gift Aid submissions

In 2013 ChurchWorks will allow you to submit your gift aid claims directly to HMRC from within the ChurchWorks application...

(View article | 20 December 2012)

What! You’ve never even seen it?

We thought you'd like to see a little of what we've been building and talking about for a solid YEAR!..

(View article | 17 December 2011)

ChurchWorks v6 - Code Freeze

We'll be stopping development of ChurchWorks version 6 on the 3rd of July 2011...

(View article | 27 July 2011)

ChurchWorks Today

ChurchWorks is changing. Version 7 is on the horizon after many lengthy planning meetings. ..

(View article | 22 February 2011)

2011 - A Big Year for ChurchWorks

We're taking up the challenge of bringing ChurchWorks up to speed with the best of the web technologies around, and then we're going to punch through the ceiling and blow everyones socks off!..

(View article | 17 December 2010)

Presenting our new website

Welcome to the new look ChurchWorks web site. We hope you like the new design. We have designed the site to give you all of the information you may need on all of our services at the touch of a button...

(View article | 04 August 2010)

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