Build your life with these 5 blogs


Build your life with these 5 blogs

At ChurchWorks, we want to see your church fulfil its full potential. To do so, we’d like to help you stay inspired and challenged by the word of God in every aspect of ministry.  Whether it’s leadership advice, or worship leading tips, here are just a few of our favourite online blog sites that, we believe, will be of great value to you and your ministry.

Perry Noble

Perry Noble is the senior pastor of Newspring Church in South Carolina and runs an incredible blog dedicated to different areas of life. From Jesus and leadership, to being a father, Noble’s blog explores a variety of topics that are interesting, engaging and filled with Christ-centred advice.

The Network

Whether you’re a deacon, a Sunday school teacher, elder or youth pastor, The Network is a fantastic forum for those that are involved in any area of ministry. With The Network, you’ll be able to read great blogs written by people experienced in ministry, providing you with various resources to your suited department. The topics seem endless! It is also an engaging community where you’re encouraged to join the conversation by commenting, posting your own questions and even writing your own blog.

Of Dust & Kings

Author of Raising Ephesus: Christian Hope for a Post-Christian Age, T.E Hanna also writes engaging and faith filled blog posts on his blog site, Of Dust & Kings. Like many others, Hanna covers plenty of different topics, but he also includes interviews, devotionals and  beautiful poetic prose inspired by the word of God.

Hillsong Collected 

Popular for its worship music, Hillsong church run a blog called Hillsong Collected which is a must follow for anyone interested in building their church ministry. Simply but concisely written, the Hillsong Collected blogs contain a vast range of topics, covering practical, authentic, and spiritual tips in leading within the different areas of church.


Although not technically a blog, Relevant has become known for its incredible ability to keep on top of what is happening in Christianity. Not only that, but Relevant offers blogs that provide deep and insightful reflection on every day questions of life, answering them with a strong theological basis. Their blogs are free to read online but Relevant also offers a full magazine which not only encompasses faith but discusses the culture of today, making it a fantastic read for any occasion.

To learn more about how Churchworks can help you lead your church ministry, read here. If you have blog sites that you’d like to recommend, please do send us a message – we’d love to hear from you!

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