Event Registration

Custom Look & Feel

Create events that look and feel the way you want. Add a custom image or logo for each event, or for further control and customisation, you can upload your own CSS files.

Custom Ticket Types

You can set your own unique ticket types such as senior pastor, adult, child or even camper. You can then set optional extras specific to each ticket type. For example, people purchasing a senior pastor ticket could also choose to attend the network lunch.

Early Bird Pricing

Encourage people to register early with multiple early bird discounts. You can set as many early booking dates as you like helping avoid a last minute rush and making event planning less stressful.

Early Bird / Group Pricing

With ChurchWorks group pricing you can set as many group size discounts as you like. You can even define if a group is simply the number of people registering together or just people of the same ticket type, giving you lots of flexibility in how you structure your tickets.

Use Paypal or Custom Gateway

ChurchWorks can be linked to either PayPal or your own internet merchant account through our recommended payment gateways making it simple for you to receive payments online.

Automatic Email Responses

Setup your automatic email responses and let ChurchWorks do the work for you. People registering will receive your auto-reply confirming their purchase. You can even use your auto-reply as an e-ticket that people can bring as proof of payment.

Export Registrations

Packed with features to manage your registrations, including exporting a list of registrations to Microsoft Excel. You can use a range of filters, delete registrations, add a person to a group, change optional extras or ticket type, refund overpayments and request further payment as required.

Book events & pay online

Events and conferences can take many hours of administration, but ChurchWorks incorporates a quick and convenient online booking and payment option to smooth out the process. Simply add our “Register Now” link to your website, or to social media, so people can book and pay online at anytime for seminars, conferences, or any event you are running. Making sure no one misses out and drastically reduce your office administration.

Simple to set up, Easy to use

ChurchWorks event registration features are powerful enough for a 10,000+ person conference, yet equally simple to plan your men’s breakfast next week. Just a few quick steps sets up your event, where you can customise ticket types, add optional extras, enter prices, add early bird discounts, group discounts and also choose your auto-response email. Add the “Register Now” link anywhere you want to invite registration and ChurchWorks takes care of the rest.

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