Connecting People

Create value by connecting your church community

Link People with similar interests

With ChurchWorks, you can track custom information such as languages spoken, training attended and special skills and interests like photography, helping make it easier to link people of like interests together or recruit new volunteers with the skills you need.

Utilise the skills in your church

Do you need a photographer for your next event? With ChurchWorks it’s as easy as 2 clicks to see a list of all the people with photography skills. With ChurchWorks your Church can stay small and intimate no matter how large you grow.

Invest in people, personally

Want to send an encouragement email? Simply click on a person’s email address to launch your mail application. Each person’s details come with an easy-to-use menu bar putting lots of extra information right where you need it. With ChurchWorks you can stay in touch with the individual.

Keep people in the know

With our advanced search feature, getting a list of people in a particular postcode, of similar ages or interests is just a simple click away. In less than a minute you can simply pull up a list of the people you want to contact and export their details to an Excel spreadsheet. From here you can either send a letter, email or integrate to an sms/ text provider. Notifying people about upcoming events will now take minutes and not days!

Advanced Search Options puts important information at your fingertips

  • Where they live
  • Who they first came to church with
  • When they made a decision for Christ

  • Who’s in their household
  • Which teams they belong too
  • And which small groups they attend

See if ChurchWorks is right for you.

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