Five Ways To Make Sunday SING

5 Ways To Make Sunday SING

Five Ways To Make Sunday SING

So every person who goes into ministry wants to see more people encounter the love of Jesus. That is why they go into ministry in the first place. But there are so many tempting distractions these days that the delicious-looking brunch (served at the local bistro, no less) can be a deterrent to heading to church. In spite of ere are a few ways to make your Sunday services really SING.


S – is for Surprisingly SOCIAL

When you are evaluating what to speak about, make sure you first talk to the Lord! But next, make it a surprisingly social topic, by keeping an eye on trends in social media, and beyond. For example, check out what the hot topics are over on Google’s trending feed and Twitter. Referencing what is trending – both in social and traditional media outlets – helps your message stay relevant. Usually, this approach also provides excellent analogies and stories that support the redeeming message of the gospel. Plus, it is a great way to generate some extra social buzz by jumping on the trending #bandwagon!


I – is for INSPIRING

Everyone struggles at some point in their life, and the answer to every problem is the love of Jesus. No one really goes to church to be beat over the head with how bad they are (or have been in the past); they go there to be inspired to overcome their challenges. Everyone is looking for an answer. So it is extremely important to create an environment that is welcoming, friendly, encouraging, and inspired. Practically this means that you need happy smiling people on the doors. Music that has been rehearsed and is delivered with as much professionalism as possible. Don’t forget the children either – visual and creative props can readily support your message: find inspiration on SermonSpice! Create an environment that inspires them to explore the stories of the bible and be free to play and interact with other children. If you have a service with all the children in the congregation, make sure you remember to speak to them as well! After all, they are your next generation of believers.



Think about how you treat your neighbours, and how you can extend that same kind of regard, respect, and inclusivity to your church community. So ask yourself, what would you want your church to be like if you were going to invite your neighbours? At the very least try to organise tea, coffee, and a time and place for members of the community to engage with each other. This is at the heart of great fellowship is being neighbourly.



The church is for everyone! Be vigilant about providing an atmosphere that can cater to multiple generations. This is not to say that every church is going to appeal to everyone, BUT every church should plan to accommodate for the needs of each season of life. In other words, have a plan for babies, children, young adults, families, and older adults. This can include running mid-week programmes that specifically involve those groups, or having special weeks that celebrate the specific season’s achievements. e.g. baby dedications, milestone wedding anniversaries, and celebrating volunteer efforts. This also means you need to organise inclusive community events.


Consider these pointers for your own services and congregation, then see how much of each one you can put into practice. When that’s done, sit back and watch as your Sundays sing – again, and again, and again!

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