Outreach at Christmas

Outreach at Christmas

Outreach at Christmas

So close – Christmas is almost here! We’re guessing you’re pretty busy as it is, preparing everything for a special break with those closest to you. But keep in mind that your church represents a larger family – your congregation – and relationships within a family require maintenance.


Just one of ChurchWorks’ strengths is how it can aid you in keeping track of your congregation. This is useful for several reasons – it helps you with:

  • monitoring and observing congregation attendance
  • managing donations
  • keeping in touch, using simple people management tools


In some ways, these details can help you to gauge the morale of your community. Imagine if the attendance of a typically engaged and active member begins tailing off. Maybe you should start thinking about how to reach out to them? This could be as simple as a phone call, a text message or an email, just to see where they’re at and how they’re doing.


This contact doesn’t have be directly related to church services either. You may be looking for help with decorating the Christmas tree in your town centre, or to go carol singing – so the more folks involved, the merrier!


At Christmas, this human contact is especially meaningful for the elderly, along with any isolated members of your community. For some people life can be complicated, and for those who aren’t lucky enough to be surrounded by relatives and an immediate, supportive community, the church is as much of a refuge as it is a part of their routine.

So over the next couple of days, consider your congregation – you never know the difference you could make to someone’s day just by getting in touch. This is what the Christmas spirit is all about!

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