See how little it can cost you

Tailored to fit the size of your church

No Hidden Charges

Pricing is based on Average Weekly Attendance (AWA) - the average number of adults and children that attended your church’s worship services each week over the past 3 months.

All packages include the following:
  • Support
  • Upgrades
  • Maintainance
  • Secure back-up
  • Data conversion


Optional Extras

There are no hidden monthly or setup costs with ChurchWorks – the price per month includes all support and upgrades, as well as ongoing maintenance and backup. There are however some optional services you may like to consider:

Security Certificate (per month)
(free where AWA over 500)

Online Getting Started Training
Delivered via the web by one of our skilled trainers direct to your computer. This training is suitable for individuals or groups. Training gets you off to a flying start by helping you to think through how you will setup for your unique needs.

Data Conversion
For more complex data conversion
requirements please call us on
+44 207 100 6821

Average Weekly Attendance (AWA)

Pricing per
month (GBP)

0-49 12.00
50-99 24.00
100-149 36.00
150-199 48.00
200-299 72.00
300-399 96.00
400-499 120.00
500-599 132.00
600-699 144.00
700-799 156.00
800-899 168.00
900-999 180.00

Invoicing and Payment 

All services charged in advance in and payable monthly on 14 day terms. Invoices will be sent by email in time to be paid prior to the beginning of the next month. Payment details will be included on the monthly invoice. Pricing does not include VAT / GST, which will be added where required.

ChurchWorks ticks all our boxes, allows us to get the best out of our database and find relevant information quickly and easily.

Rebecca, Beckenham