Technical Specifications

A solution for all your needs


ChurchWorks is a hosted application – this essentially means that both the ChurchWorks application and your data are kept on the ChurchWorks servers. This means that you don’t have to download the software, you can just create a username and password, but still receive all the regular maintenance such as software upgrades, data backups, etc.

Robust and Responsive

The ChurchWorks application and data servers are housed on enterprise-class hardware infrastructure, meaning that you get the best possible performance in terms of both raw processing power and also in terms of long term platform stability. Our hosting partners have proven track records, and have strong hardware to ensure that your ChurchWorks application is available to you whenever you need it, and can keep up with your demands.

Industry Standard Technology

ChurchWorks is built on the industry standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack. The application is developed using the Zend Framework, giving us a strong, standards driven, development platform that is flexible enough to cater to all the applications needs while maintaining a steady, robust framework for our development.