What are other churches saying about ChurchWorks?

ChurchWorks can help you achieve the vision of your local church through efficient administration and care for your congregation

Rebecca, Beckenham

ChurchWorks ticks all our boxes, allows us to get the best out of our database and find relevant information quickly and easily.

Mark, London

ChurchWorks has allowed us to stay connected with a high turn over of people in a busy city which we couldn’t do otherwise.

Daniel, London

Great, web-accessible, fully flexible system that caters for all our needs allows any staff member to access key information at any time.

Mal, London

In my travels around the world, I meet with church leaders and church network leaders of many streams. I find that one of the most consistent challenges they face is that of integrating people into the core of active church life. ChurchWorks is a proven database-driven facility which is helping strategic leaders of major churches to bring people into the heart of their vision. I recommend that you look into it; it’s a great tool for growth.

Tim, Bradford

Moving onto ChurchWorks has been an excellent decision for our church. I think that the system that has been set up can really help a church of any size in any part of the world in so many ways.

Owen, Norwich

ChurchWorks has helped us so much in several ways, but the 2 areas which immediately come to mind is in within our Connect Groups and our administration of Tithes and Offerings.

ChurchWorks empowers our Connect Group leaders to focus on growth and the new people coming in to the group. Additionally, it allows our pastors to get up to date prayer requests, praise reports and also have peace of mind that new people are getting connected.

Recording our offerings and calculating gift-aid is now easier than ever with ChurchWorks.

Overall the ChurchWorks product saves us time and resources, so that we can concentrate on our people.

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Overall the ChurchWorks product saves us time and resources, so that we can concentrate on our people.

Owen, Norwich