The Benefits of Social Media for Churches

And as you will have seen in our last post, there is a ChurchWorks way – encouraging communication between teammates. What better way to do that in the 21st Century, than via social media?


Enjoy It With Your Team

Social media really is a great way to interact with your team members! It offers a fun and informal way to communicate with your co-workers and volunteers with real transparency. Why not share behind-the-scenes moments, birthdays, celebrations and team achievements across your accounts? This always resonates with followers who interact with your team on a regular basis – you’ll also gain more traction.


Express Your Personality

Celebrate your values and personality, and share what truly matters to you – both personally and as a group. Of course it’s important to demonstrate the calling of your congregation, but it’s just as important to convey the humanity behind it as well. And this makes a genuine difference – this offers more great insight into the people who make it all happen.  


Multiply Value, Strategically

You can multiply the value of these insights by sharing them as updates across several platforms. Not everyone uses Twitter, just as not everyone uses Facebook. So this should only present an opportunity for you: reach more people, by tailoring your updates to each platform, optimising them accordingly.


Grow Your Church

Social media can even be a brilliant way to reach users who may be entirely outside of your community – for the time being, at least. But you have the power to change that, and draw them in: effective, generous engagement on social media can attract new followers who appreciate your message and identify with your mission.

Is your church already active on social media? Maybe some of your team members are already active on social networks? If so, enlist their help and expertise to get your church social! And please do feel free to share any tips or tricks you may have for how you manage your social profiles!

At its best, social media is all about the power of community – just like your church.

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